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By appointing Admin HQ, all the frustrations of administration are removed, as your office resources can focus on providing the service which generates the income.

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Rob Mason
I took over the management and part ownership of the Doubleview office of Davey Real Estate in 2006. Part of my decision was based around the external management of general accounting, trust accounting, HR and compliance. I felt that this would allow me to continue selling property at a fairly ...
Peter King
We have had a contract with AdminHQ for the supply of payroll services for the past 10 years. This includes managing all employee requirements, the payment of wages, superannuation and monitoring of industrial changes.In 2011 we transferred all our accounting requirements including managing our debtors and creditors to AdminHQ. This service ...
Tim Schifferli
I purchased a share of the Davey Real Estate Scarborough office in July 2013.  The deal involved a contract with “AdminHQ” to handle the administration of the company trust account, debtor and creditor control and human resources.This service has allowed me to concentrate on running the business without being bogged ...

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